Queer Jewish Wedding in a Parking Lot During COVID

December 31, 2020

What do you do when a global pandemic breaks out and disrupts all of your plans?
A lot of us canceled things.
We ate ice cream. We watched too many TikTok videos. We wore pajama pants more days in a row than anyone wants to admit.
This couple may have done those things, but they also pivoted their plans and threw one of the most heartwarming, joy-filled celebrations of love I have ever seen.

Guests arrived in their cars, which were decorated with signs, balloons, and even house plants for the occasion. The entire event took place in the synagogue parking lot. The ceremony was broadcast for guests to listen to in their cars. To say this wasn’t the wedding anyone had in mind pre-COVID is an understatement, but it is such a testament to this couple’s commitment to love, joy, and one another.