Are we still talking about this?

COVID-19 and Photography

Much as we wish it wasn't, COVID is still a concern. Here's how I manage it while making great art with great people.

Figuring out how to work in a pandemic has been a challenge to say the least. From backyard weddings to more outdoor sessions to so many swabs in my face, it’s been an adventure.
Here’s what I’m doing to keep all of us as safe as possible.


  • Vaccination. I am so thankful to be fully vaccinated. My second Pfizer shot was on April 13, 2021. I will get a booster when and if that is advisable.
  • Regular PCR tests. I am getting bi-weekly PCR tests through CVS, with additional tests added on off weeks when I’m particularly busy.
  • Masks. Not my favorite fashion accessory, but I am wearing a filtered mask any time I am in public indoor spaces (and many public outdoor spaces) and definitely wearing a mask while photographing indoors. My subjects are not masked since we’re all pretty over the mask selfies as a novelty, but with limited time spent indoors together and myself wearing a mask, I’m OK with it. For anyone who nerds out about these things like I do, I’m wearing either a KN95 or a Vogmask (which is a reusable, filtered mask that has cute patterns and similar efficacy to a KN95).
  • Photographing outside. The weather is finally feeling like fall in the DMV which is perfect for both photos and COVID safety during sessions. I am photographing outdoors as often as possible and limiting the time and crowds I spend time with indoors.
  • Limiting and spacing out sessions. I intentionally plan my schedule to give more time between shoots where I can and coordinate sessions with children who cannot be vaccinated yet at times that are the safest possible by taking testing dates and larger events into consideration.

I hope that information helps! If you have any questions or want to talk through concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Cheesy at it may sound, I really truly care about the people I work with and making sure my clients feel comfortable and safe with me has always been a top priority.