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“The photos are great!  Devon is awesome!  Now how much does it cost and how do we book her?”
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Wedding Day

Everything you need to fully capture your wedding day.


For smaller events that don't plan to party into the wee hours, six hours is usually good.

If you want photos before the ceremony and a good chunk of the dance party, we're likely looking at eight.

For the full shebang with large group photos and photos of the day from dusk til dawn, you'll probably want ten or more.

6 hours of photography

Custom online gallery

high-resolution .jpg files

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1-hour session

Portraits, couples, families, boudoir, and more.

One hour is usually perfect for getting what we want, keeping things fun, and not wearing anyone out.

If you want to add more time, chat about travel outside of the Baltimore-Washington area, or tell me about this wild idea you have, I'd love to hear it! Reach out and let's scheme up something wonderful.


1-hour of photography

Custom online gallery

high-res .jpg download

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Small guest list, same big energy

I hate the term "micro-wedding" but love the events.

Whether you're getting married in your backyard, at a courthouse, or running amok in your favorite neighborhood before having an impromptu ceremony on the corner, these events have always been some of my favorites.

These smaller weddings usually want about 3 hours, but reach out and we can chat about the best plan for your day!


3 hours of photography


high-resolution .jpg files

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You're excited about photos and

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