"tl;dr: Devon is amazing. Hire her."


Real client reviews gathered here from sites like Google, The Knot, Facebook, and Wedding Wire.

Karmen & Max - July 2022

I do not have enough words for how wonderful Devon was to work with. Our initial photographer stopped responding at the last minute (<60 days away from the wedding), and I reached out to Devon in a panic hoping against all hopes that the availability gods would work out in our favor; and I am so glad that they did.
We're a non-traditional couple with a non-traditional wedding and Devon caught such great candid moments filled with love that looking at the pictures takes me back to the wedding day.
We were so, so, so lucky to work with Devon; and I am certain that anyone looking at these reviews will be too

Melissa - July 2021

Devon is not just a talented photographer, she is a super kind person! She instantly understood the energy we wanted out of our wedding day and she made everyone feel so comfortable. She took beautiful shots and got the album to us in such a timely manner! I am so glad Devon was also a part of our special day.

Dawn - June 2021

Devon is an amazing photographer! This is my second time hiring Devon for photography. She did professional headshots for me earlier this year and last week she photographed my wedding at The Ivy Hotel. Devon is so wonderful . . . an awesome person and photographer. I am in love with our wedding photos and so grateful to have been able to connect with Devon again!

Dawn – January 2021

I found Devon’s website while looking for a local photographer to do updated business headshots. I am so glad I did! Devon was amazing from start to finish. Friendly, communicative, accommodating and professional. Devon’s photography is beautiful and I couldn’t be happier with my headshots!

Pam – September 2019

Let me open this by telling you that Devon was our very first phone call when we decided to get married. We told her before we told the family, because we wanted to be sure she was available in the rough time frame we were thinking of and planned our date for a date she could make. We’ve been devoted fans of hers through our dance scene, having hired her for events we’ve run and loving the outcome every time. But it’s a completely different experience when you’re the centerpiece of the event.

I can’t say enough good things about Devon. I’m camera shy, have never once taken a good selfie, always feel like I look terrible, forced, awkward, nervous in pictures which is a cycle of doom, because then I do look all those things, you get the idea. So believe me when I tell you: She made me feel like a million bucks all throughout our engagement shoot and all day AND night on the big day itself. In front of her I felt fierce and like a movie star. She’d show me the back of the camera every now and again — IS THAT ME????, I would cry. She works SO FAST, you can’t believe she got the shot, but SHE DID GET THE SHOT. In fact, she got six of them and they’re all killer, no filler. She has a confidence and on top of all of this, she is COMPLETELY chill at all times. Nothing ruffles her feathers, it’s like you’re just hanging out getting coffee except she’s taking complete glamour shots of you. She’s so calm, she’s in complete control, seemingly effortlessly directing you and your people around, and then the product is just spectacular.

Her talent is beyond belief. Everyone I’ve shown the pictures to has said they’re some of the best wedding pictures they’ve ever seen.

Her client management is entirely on point too. She’s fast, thorough, helpful, and COMPLETELY chill at all times. She puts you at ease just as much through email as she does behind the camera. And she’s so fast!! Turnaround time was like lightning both for engagement shoot and the wedding itself. I too work directly with clients for pricey services and she has the exact right stuff there, which I absolutely could not say for several of our other vendors. When you’re in the business too, YOU KNOW.

I cannot recommend Devon highly enough.

Elizabeth – August 2019

Devon captured both our engagement shoot and our immediate family wedding. We couldn’t be happier with the results. Devon did an amazing job photographing many priceless candid moments. Highly recommended!

Nick – June 2019

tl;dr: Devon is amazing. Hire her.

When we looked at wedding photographers, we wanted someone who had lots of pictures of real (i.e. not conventionally beautiful) people. When you look at a lot of wedding photographers’ websites, most of what you see is gorgeous pictures of gorgeous people looking gorgeous. Those are nice, but it’s often hard to tell how much is due to the talent of the photographer and how much is just due to the fact that they’re highlighting the most attractive people they’ve ever photographed on a day where the couple spent hours looking as beautiful as possible.

My partner and I are not the most traditionally attractive people. I think she’s gorgeous, of course, but she’s also a foot shorter than me, and I’m blessed with the jawline of a late-generation Habsburg noble. So we wanted to find a photographer who we knew could make us look as good as possible. We also liked that Devon was LGBTQ-inclusive, which was very important to us. After a video chat, where both of us were totally charmed by Devon, we hired her for our wedding in DC.

About six weeks before our wedding, we learned that my partner’s mom was going to have to have surgery, and wasn’t going to be able to make it to the wedding. Obviously, both of them were devastated. We decided, on short notice, to have a “pre-wedding” in Boston, with just immediate family and a couple close friends, about 25 people. We emailed Devon to find out if she knew any photographers in Boston. Lo and behold, Devon was free that weekend, and offered to come take pictures for us. It was an amazing help to us to have a photographer, and it meant a ton to my partner and her moms that they have pictures to remember it by.

Not only that, the pictures were amazing. We walked around Beacon Hill for a while, and she got some really great shots of us with the brownstones and the State House. Made us look really good. Then we went to a restaurant in Cambridge, where we took some posed pictures and then had the ceremony and dinner. Again, the shots were amazing, but almost as impressive was how, in a small space that was crowded with people, Devon managed to both get every important moment on film and also seemingly disappear into the walls. She’s like a ninja that takes great pictures.

After Boston, she also shot our wedding in DC. Again she took amazing pictures, and again she was completely unobtrusive. She also worked with us for random requests like taking pictures with our cats (some of my favorite pictures) and near the spot where my partner and I met, which was not by the venue, and did a great job wrangling the various family and bridal party members to get the necessary shots in a pretty short amount of time.

Through it all, she was incredibly friendly, fun to work with, and super helpful. It’s hard to write a text review of a photographer, but go look at her pictures and they’ll tell you everything you need to know about her talent. Hiring Devon was one of the best decisions we made for our wedding, and I can’t recommend her enough.

Elaine – October 2018

Devon was amazing! She is a one-man team but captured all important aspects of our celebration, and then some. Her pictures captured the theme we were intending and spoke to our specific interests/preferences. Her communication is fabulous, as is her turn-around time in getting the final product. We would recommend her to anyone and would look forward to asking for her expertise again, should future needs arise.

Jessica – November 2018

I can’t recommend Devon enough. Not only does she take beautiful photos, but Devon is easy to work with. She helped my family and friends get comfortable so she could capture some great photos. Devon also managed to get some special candid moments documented. A+ all the way! Now, I just have to plan another shoot with her. 🙂

Emily – September 2018

Where do I even start about Devon!?

Somewhere along the line in wedding planning, I realized that for me one of the most important decisions I would be making about my wedding was the photographer. I had no idea it would be so important to me until we started looking at photographers and I was trying to envision how our wedding day would look and how it would be captured and WOW Devon totally checked that box in the best way possible!

Every interaction my husband or I had with Devon was positive, I immediately felt comfortable with her, which is super important in a photographer! She completely put my mind at ease with her confidence and professionalism. She was also super flexible on timeline when we didn’t quite have that figured out yet, and let us add an extra hour a few weeks before the big day!

The day of the wedding, Devon was super great at communicating, making everyone comfortable, and making an effort to know the names of the Bridal Party and being engaging. We even finished taking all the pictures ahead of schedule and used the extra time to take more shots that were important to us!

As for the results – Devon sent us around 20 sneak peek pictures within a week of our wedding date – SUCH a wonderful glimpse of her work and a happy reminder of our wedding day. We received all of the photos exactly 1 month after our wedding (2 weeks ahead of schedule) and let me tell you they exceeded all expectations! I still have to dig into them and pick favorites and share them and print them and all that fun stuff but Devon captured the day absolutely perfectly!!

I love the feel of the photos and the lighting – every background we took pictures against turned out beautifully! Devon also captured the feel and emotion of the wedding, the life of the wedding. The moments she captured are priceless – a glance between my husband and I, an exchange with a bridesmaid, our guests laughing at a joke, an enthusiastically dancing couple- all gorgeous candid moments that I am so glad we can look back on! Devon even managed to follow my husband and I around the room as we chatted with our guests and we had absolutely no idea she was there – the pictures were a pleasant surprise!

In summary: Devon is fantastic. Every aspect about the photos is brilliant and I am so glad she was able to capture so many perfect moments. I’m not sure how it’s possible but every picture is my favorite until I see the next one 🙂

Beyond grateful to Devon for capturing our day – highly highly recommended!!

Hanna – September 2018

My wife and I had Devon as our photographer for our wedding in Northern California and can’t recommend her enough. She is amazing at capturing both candids and stills, and is wonderful at using light (or the absence of) to her advantage. We thoroughly enjoyed working with her.

Erin – August 2018

Devon photographed our wedding at Evergreen Museum and Library in Baltimore back in April of this year. Not only is she a pleasure to work with, but the photos are incredible! She is pleasant, punctual, professional, and totally flexible to whatever you envision for your photos. Our priorities were candid shots, a more artistic aesthetic, and nature , and Devon delivered the most beautiful photos that aligned with our vision for the day. She even overlaid several silhouette shots of us on top of architectural/nature scenes, creating stunning and unique photos. And best of all, she blended in with the crowd, being very discrete throughout the ceremony and event. We were 1000% satisfied! You should book her!

Emily – May 2018

Devon gave us exactly what we wanted – fun, happy wedding photos! One thing we both knew – we didn’t want to spend our wedding day in awkward, unnatural poses and she made sure we didn’t! She gave us the few poses we needed and the rest were happy, smiling guests and bride & groom, tons of candids, and plenty of shots of our gorgeous venue. I was shocked at how many photos she got of us and our guests laughing. Either we had the most funny wedding of all time, or she did an excellent job of capturing the joy of the day. I’m guessing it was the later. Oh, she she got us our photos in RECORD time. I was amazed at the speed at which she returned our sneak peek and our fully edited photos. She is professional and responsive. Highly recommended!

Heather – June 2018

We LOVED working with Devon!! My sister found her on Instagram and after viewing her work we knew we needed to hire her. She doesn’t just do the basic obligatory photos, she captures special moments that most people miss. She doesn’t just capture images, she captures emotion and her photographs convey that emotion to anyone who sees them.
Devon was very friendly and personable and took the time to get to know us while taking photos.
Thank you Devon for making our day so special.

Autumn – May 2018

Devon made me feel confident and uninhibited. She gave good direction and listened to my concerns. I would definitely recommend her for your Boudoir photo shoot!

Amanda – December 2017

Devon was the best photographer we found and we couldn’t be happier with the photos! From the initial email to the wedding day everything was super easy and smooth despite my now husband and I barely having anything planned or organized. Devon was funny and like a friend of the family on the wedding day. We got our photos back super fast and they were all gorgeous. Devon has a great eye, is good at capturing spontaneous moments, and is really creative with scenery and light. I can’t say enough great things about her!

Kirsty – November 2017

Devon is an incredible wedding photographer, no matter what size the ceremony is! My husband and I had a small courthouse wedding, and she made our day feel special and made us feel comfortable. Our families even commented on how great she was day-of, and we got a great assortment of photos to treasure from our wedding day!

Rita – October 2017

We had Devon work our dance event which is in a venue notoriously difficult to shoot (high ceilings – bad lightening). She took the most fabulous photos under these difficult conditions – I swear she is a magician. She was also just a nice person and so easy to work with. I would work with her again in a heartbeat.

Mike – September 2017

Devon was absolutely amazing to work with. We reached out to her at a recommendation from a friend of ours to learn about her style, and we loved her from the very first call. She has a great eye and has fabulous photos up on her website, and she was so personable, professional, and excited to be a part of our big day. As two guys who were getting married, we were thrilled to see same-sex weddings featured on her website, and she told us a couple of great stories about her work with same-sex couples. It was an easy decision to ask her to join our team and photograph our wedding.

We first spent real time with her as part of the engagement shoot that she offered as an add-on to our wedding package. As people who don’t take a lot of professional photos, she offered just the right amount of advice – things to think about for locations and timing, and working with us to patiently answer all of our questions and address our thoughts. She got to know us in the process, asking questions about how we met, what we like to do, and who we are as people, and then played around with figuring out how we related together as a couple, asking us to hold hands, stare into each other’s eyes, make silly faces at each other, and having us kiss – and then seeing what worked for us and what didn’t (fun fact: we don’t do well making silly faces at each other). We had a lot of fun in the process, and got a beautiful set of photos for us. Devon even got our dog into it – she was great with him!

Keeping in touch with us in between, it was a few months later that we saw her again for our wedding. It unexpectedly rained, and she handled it like a pro. She brought clear umbrellas so we could stay outside, and she talked up how we could get some beautiful photos in the rain that we probably wouldn’t get otherwise – and she was 100% right. We opted to do our primary portrait shots before the wedding ceremony. Devon was willing to be playful with us while keeping us sane and calm and not freaking out about the weather. And then when we got to the family photos, she was so on top of everything. We had about 50+ people that we needed to get into the photo in various combinations, and she was unbelievable at calling the right people in, getting the other people out, and keeping to time. We gave her a schedule, and she crushed it, to the point that all our family members told us how great she was – all the meantime keeping a smile and making everyone feel good about it.

It’s a month later, and Devon has already gotten us our complete photos. They are truly breathtaking. We got to relive the day through her photos, and we are so excited to have them forever as memories that perfectly capture how amazing of a day we had.

If we have another event, we will be calling Devon, and we hope you do too, since she’s fabulous to work with! Thank you Devon!

John – August 2017

Devon was outstanding in capturing the best day in my life. Her sense of timing and composition was so good. Her photos were fun and compelling, from dynamic poses during the dances, the candid expressions of people’s faces, to the emotions of moment. I wholeheartedly with unbridled enthusiasm recommend Devon to photograph your wedding.

Pattie – August 2017

Devon was such an amazing professional to work with. By far, she was the least stressful part of our wedding, she always told us very clearly what to expect and what her suggested schedule was like, and had many other helpful tips and tricks for our wedding. We had no idea that she was going to be such an integral part of our wedding organizing.
The photos were incredible, and captured exactly the fun and spontaneous vibe of our wedding. We loved every photo and we will definitely be using Devon for all our future photography needs/suggesting her to all of our friends!

Nicole – August 2017

Devon has a natural talent and ability with her craft that is amazing to be around. She finds the best moments in your day (she did my wedding and I can’t praise her enough, I love those photos!) and she will keep you at east (she also did a boudoir shoot for me pre-wedding! I’m not used to modeling, but you’d never know it thanks to her work!) I can’t recommend her enough for any of your event needs.

Michele – June 2017

Little Weaver Web Development Collective hired Devon Rowland Photography to take a number of headshots and group shots for us last month. Working with Devon was an absolute joy. In addition to her high level of talent, she seemed to understand and was able to capture the spirit of our company, which was really important to us in this shoot. Also, she is also personally fun to hang around for a few hours. We would recommend Devon to absolutely anyone.

June 2017

Devon is amazing! She captured all of the moments I didn’t know I needed captured. The family photos went quickly and seamlessly. The action shots were crisp and spot on. She is very laid back and easy to work with – I could not have asked for a better photographer!

Jonathan – May 2017

Beautiful photos, very affordable for the Baltimore-DC-VA market, and very responsive to emails well in advance of the wedding until the last minute. We also loved the gorgeous preview shots! Devon was also very easy to work with the day of and extremely efficient so we could enjoy our wedding! The candids and posed portraits are absolutely beautiful.

Taylor – April 2017

Devon was one of the personable people I’ve ever met, working with her was a breeze (especially for someone who is a bit awkward in front of a camera!) She was so excited about certain backdrops and was very helpful. I had no real idea of what I was looking for other than “headshots” for auditions and such, and she helped me find great poses and moments that turned out lovely. Thank you, Devon!!

Casey – April 2017

Devon is an amazing photographer. The shots she took for our engagement shoot and our wedding day are spectacular – and this is even before I’ve gotten the finished shots! She is a pleasure to work with and very accommodating. One of her strongest suits is getting the sneak candid shots that capture the moment perfectly. Definitely my photographer of choice for all future events.

Emily – April 2017

Comfort, warm, caring, open-minded, and more. She’s amazing! As someone with low self esteem about pictures, I ADORE my wedding and engagement pictures from Devon!

Rhiannon – January 2017

Devon, you are amazing. Thank you so much for all of these beautiful (and funny) photos! I couldn’t have asked for more perfect headshots. SO so so so happy with these.

Jerry – January 2017

We lucked upon Devon through a mutual acquaintance, and we all know how that goes, usually its not a good fit and you don’t want to just do someone a favor if they don’t suit your needs.

But I had my fiancé at the time look over her website since photography was something she wanted the final call on, and she was extremely impressed with Devon’s online portfolio. The vibrancy, candor, and honest captures of real life as it happened is what her portfolio showed, and that is what we wanted for our wedding shoot.

Devon was extremely accommodating, meeting us at a mid-way location on a flexible date for my work schedule where we ironed out all the details, dates, and cost. Took care of the contract and payment on the spot over a cup of java, couldn’t have been easier, her price was competitive with all the other photographers we looked at in the area.

As for the actual events, Devon was amazing and flexible with her wedding package allowing us to split our wedding shoot into different dates with a 2 hour ceremony and 4 hour reception since we knew our reception wouldn’t last longer than that. Many other services would have been less flexible with those terms but Devon was willing to work with us!

As for the actual events and photos…..we could NOT have been more happy. Devon met with us early to try and get an idea of what we were trying to capture in photos and we told her we wanted it very relaxed, very candid spontaneous photography. We did do a few poses for family members but overall she was invisible, the best kind of photographer, taking amazing candid moments and always focusing on the action and joy of the scene. She checked in at various points in the night to see if we had any specific requests but we just let her do her thing as she had it under control!

In addition to an amazing 500 photos (1000 with B&W), Devon was able to turn around the pictures in 3 weeks!!!!! We were able to use her pictures on our thank you cards and still get them out within a month because she turned them around so quickly!!!! I don’t want to put undue pressure on her, but I have a feeling she always exudes this kind of work ethic and professionalism!!!

Numerous family members and friends asked about her at the reception and I know my brother has already commissioned her for family portraits, so I am sure she will be a busy woman, and well deserved!!! Highly recommend her, she’s fantastic!

Kelly – December 2016

I love my photos from Devon! She was accommodating and very easy to work with. I had no plan besides ‘I need new professional headshots, but she came up with a bunch of different background ideas and setups on the spot. All I had to do was smile!

Colleen – November 2016

Devon, OMG!!! The first photo took my breath away!
Way to capture our family on a chilly, windy fall day. They pictures are beautiful!
We really enjoy working with you. Thank you so much.

Yelena + Jaime – September 2016

Devon was so wonderful to work with and is truly an amazing photographer! We did not give her a lot of guidelines in terms of photos and she ended up capturing the day and atmosphere perfectly. Our photos were beautiful and professional and her creativity shone through. Overall the photos turned out better than anything we could have imagined and Devon truly has a talent for capturing the moment. I would recommend her to anyone interested in having their wedding day memories captured.

Audrey + Tahir – July 2016

Devon is an absolutely amazing photographer – she somehow manages to make everyone look their absolute best, and she does a great job getting good candid shots – which I much prefer to staged photos! She is wonderful to work with and very subtle when she takes photos – I have no idea how she got so many amazing shots at our wedding. She even sent us a preview album just two days after the wedding!

Jenny + Alan – May 2016

We could not be happier with our wedding photos from Devon and Sean, they captured our day perfectly! We wanted a lot of candid photos, but we never expected them to capture so much joy and emotion. Every time we look through the pictures, we’re completely transported back to the day! Not only do we love the pictures of us, but also of our family and friends! My best friend was so excited by a photo took of her and her husband that she shared it online and said she loved it better than her own wedding photos of her and her groom! Devon captured everyone who was in attendance in a meaningful way! Everytime we wanted a photo taken, we looked up and Devon was available to take the shot! Even though she was everywhere we needed her to be, she completely fit into the surroundings, quietly and brilliantly taking snaps of everything we wanted to remember! I cannot recommend her enough! Devon was so friendly, her service is so professional. I feel like she really listened to everything I wanted and delivered exactly that! Her blog post about our day reflects her keen ability to capture and tell a story, which in our case was a perfect representation of our day. Definitely, definitely work with Devon – no matter the occasion! She’s the best!

Kate Ashby + Michael – May 2016

We are so happy that we chose Devon to photograph our wedding weekend! Her photos were so gorgeous, and she flawlessly integrated herself into the festivities capturing so many special moments that even we somehow missed! Her artistic eye matched with her easy-going personality and professionalism made Devon stand out. We were blown away by the amount of quality, beautiful pictures we received in the end–it was hard to narrow down the ones we loved the most! Fully recommend her. She is the best.

Rachel + Doug – September 2015

Devon was great to work with, very professional and creative. We wanted a lot of candid photographs that captured the emotion and feel of the ceremony and party. The photos were beautiful and caught so many special moments. She got everything, but was also unobtrusive. We loved the pictures so much that we ended up using some of her photos to make our thank you notes, printing the photos and adhering them to note cards. We would definitely work with Devon again and highly recommend her.

Halley – March 2015

I needed professional headshots/portraits for applications and Devon did an amazing job. I got a selection of standard professional shots, as well as some pictures that showed more of my personality. She was easy and fun to work with and manages to put you at ease in front of the camera.

I’ve also seen much of her other work for friends and her pictures are always stellar. She’s great at capturing little moments that give a voice to an event or portrait session.

Kim + Chris – June 2015

Devon is patient, thorough and has a great ability to capture the essence of the day in her photos. She is somehow everywhere at once, yet is inconspicuous. She asks no questions when you forget you had said you didn’t need “getting ready shots”, but jumps in and documents the moment. She doesn’t bat an eye when you struggle to choke back tears and point out an instant only you can understand and she runs and captures it perfectly. She pivots from classic to quirky to romantic to silly and provides you with moments preserved forever. Call her. You won’t be sorry.

Norah + Ben – April 2015

I can’t say enough good things about Devon and her photography! She is a true pleasure to work with — very calm, fun, and kind. My husband and I are not the most comfortable in front of cameras, certainly not for portraits, and she put us at ease. Just as importantly, her work is simply gorgeous. She has a real talent for capturing the spirit of a moment, whether it’s sweet or silly. Going through the non-portrait photos was such a delight, because she immortalized moments that we would have completely forgotten in the rush of the day. We’ve gotten so many compliments on our photos, and it’s all thanks to Devon’s hard work!

Allena + Todd – September 2013

Working with Devon is like working with one of your favorite artistic friends. She is incredibly professional without giving up her warmth or sense of fun. She finds what makes the couple special and then encapsulates it in her photos. (She was willing to even take photos of us in our LARP costumes if that is what we wanted) She shot our engagement photos (even managed to get the camera shy dog in), our wedding (without falling off a cliff), and our reception. On all three occasions, she got AMAZING photos that I still love to show off. They are shining examples of the love we share and our friends and family. I am almost sorry we do not have another major life event soon so we can have her come and take more amazing photos.

Este + David – May 2013

Working with Devon on my wedding photos was a pleasure. She was easy to work worth, professional, flexible, and best of all an amazing photographer! I can’t recommend her enough!

Jennifer + Seth – June 2012

I can’t say enough about what a wonderful job she did capturing the emotions of the day in addition to the sights. She was unobtrusive and yet still got great shots of all the important moments, and many of the less important, but still so very endearing ones, too. If you’re looking for a photographer who will pay attention to you and capture the essence of your special day in a way that few others can, give Devon a call.

Devon is phenomenal to work with! I need fantastic marketing photos for several different industries and know I can count on her for top notch photos and communication.
She take wonderful, emotional photos of people, and vibrant interesting photos of objects. I recommend her with great confidence for all variety of photography needs!

I have worked with Devon several times and have always had a great experience. She is fun and easy to work with. The photos always look amazing!

Devon was great to work with, very professional and creative. We wanted a lot of candid photographs that captured the emotion and feel of the ceremony and party. The photos were beautiful and caught so many special moments. She got everything, but was also unobtrusive. We loved the pictures so much that we ended up using some of her photos to make our thank you notes, printing the photos and adhering them to note cards. We would definitely work with Devon again and highly recommend her.

Devon was amazing. She was fun and easy going, but also capable, punctual and detailed. As other reviewers have said, she got to know us and made sure to capture the details of the wedding that were unique to us. Even though we were her clients, it felt like we were working with a good friend. She didn’t try to upsell or change our plans or give us anything other than great service just because we had a smaller budget. She listened to us and did everything we asked her to do. She really helped to make our wedding day a great day. We treasure the pictures she took for us.

Devon took newborn photos for us when our daughter was born. She was patient with us and our 10-day old daughter. It was a wonderful experience. Devon captured such beautiful memories for us. I would highly recommend her for any of your memory-capturing needs!! Thanks Devon!

Devon was a dream on my wedding day. She had a fun yet grounded personality style that flowed well with all the different personalities of the wedding party. She had creative ideas for our couple shots that weren’t forced or trite, and the finished product….OMG! Devon produced the best photos my husband and I have of each other… just breathtaking. Devon also captured the reception with amazing results…I never really saw her that night, but I was so very touched at the moments she caught behind her lens. I *highly* recommend this creative, talented photographer!

I’d seen many of Devon’s photos before, so when I needed some professional headshots in a hurry, I turned to her. She was fast, professional. I hate posing for photographs and tend to wind up with really dorky expressions, but Devon coached me through. When I posted the photos I got flooded with compliments. Hey, it was Devon who worked the magic. Also she was very prompt in sending the proofs and processing the final choices. She’s a true talent and professional.