Recommended Vendors

I do a lot of work to make sure I am a trustworthy vendor and human for all of my clients (who are also often human), particularly folks from queer and BIPOC communities that still regularly face discrimination in the wedding world. Everyone on this list is a person I know and have interacted with and would trust. If I have someone listed here and you have a reason I shouldn’t be recommending them, please do reach out and let me know. There are already too many broken stairs and it’s important not to perpetuate that.

Finding great vendors can be way harder than it should be, but there are so many absolutely incredible people out there making weddings the fun, fabulous celebrations they should be. This list includes some of my favorites, from planners to photographers to florists to dress makers…if I worked with someone or met someone or talked to them extensively on Instagram even though they live in another part of the world, I’ve added them here.

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