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Virginia Couple Photos in Blacksburg

Earlier this week I put out the call looking for a Virginia couple to model for a quick gear test, and these two fabulous humans answered.  The weather this spring has been weird, but we got a glorious, sunny, warm evening that made me believe in spring again.  Here’s to last minute photo sessions and sunshine!  
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Maternity Photos with Dogs from Blacksburg Photographer

Being a Blacksburg photographer is new to me.  It’s been eight months since I started splitting my time between the DC area and Southwest Virginia.  Eight months is about how long this little guy has been cooking, too! Getting out to Hahn Horticulture Garden on a beautiful day is wonderful.   Being able to go and take maternity photos for some of the most wonderful parents-to-be was even better.  Can’t wait to meet the little man ...
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DC Wedding Elopement Photos

DC Wedding Elopement There aren’t a lot of Monday afternoon DC wedding ceremonies, but I’d be down if that became the next trend.  This sweet couple from Alabama came to the nation’s capital just to get married here.  It was a chilly Monday in March and the cherry blossoms hadn’t budded yet, but these southerns put up with the frigid temps long enough to say, “I do!” and take some fabulous photos around ...
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Family Photos and Maternity Pics in Virginia

Family photos are always fun, but doubly so when I’m doing them with this Northern Virginia family.  I photographed their wedding, did maternity and newborn photos with them celebrating the arrival of this now toddler, and it was wonderful to do maternity photos for their second child!  

Film Photos from Disneyland and Beyond!

Film is dead, long live film! The photography industry has changed drastically since its beginnings. Film used to be the only option, then digital became king. While digital cameras rule the roost and are my choice for professional work, there’s a small but devoted group of film photographers still creating images on film. Occasionally I am one of them. In the middle of February I left the wilds of Virginia for the sunny shores of ...
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Roanoke Engagement Photos at the Taubman Museum

Virginia is for lovers, and these Roanoke engagement photos at the Taubman Museum of Art were a great way to spend a rainy Saturday morning in SWVA.  
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Winter Wedding in Baltimore

When you have a summer wedding, you hope it doesn’t rain.  When you have a winter wedding, you secretly hope it snows.  Those hopes weren’t so secret for this couple!  Snow has featured prominently throughout their relationship, from a first date during Snowpocalypse to getting engaged in a Canadian ice palace.  All in all, we should have expected nothing less for this couple than them saying, “I do!” during the first ...
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Wedding Photo Roundup – 2017 Edition!

Wedding photo roundups feel like a required part of the end of a year.  I love ’em, but come December I’m usually in such a flurry of end-of-year everything else + holidays that I almost never get to review the year before it’s over!  Luckily January slows down a bit and even though it’s 2018 I can sit back and relax as I check out 2017. Picking images for a wedding photo best of is so challenging.  How do you choose ...
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Catharsis on the Mall in Washington, DC

Washington D.C. is a city of suits and politics and folks busy with some of the most serious adulting on the planet, but it is also a city of amazing art and beauty and some of the most creative humans I’ve ever met.  Over the weekend, an amazing event called Catharsis on the Mall took place steps away from the Washington Monument.  I was only able to be there for a few short hours on Friday night, and the temperatures were absolutely ...
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Blacksburg Photos from a Walk in the Fall Foliage

I get to know a place through my camera, but with wedding season I haven’t had the chance to take as many Blacksburg photos as I would like since moving down here parttime.  Now that fall is inching towards winter though, I’m taking the opportunity to explore and enjoy the calm, country life and absolutely gorgeous fall foliage.  Blacksburg photos usually focus on the town and the college, but this is closer to what my life down ...