Whimsical Baltimore Muppet Druid Wedding

Folks, buckle up! We’re about to dive into a wild, vibrant, and utterly groovy journey of a wedding—one that even the term ‘one-of-a-kind’ might not do justice.

When the bride and groom, Shannon and John, inquired with me to be the photographer for their wedding day celebration, I knew this was going to be an unforgettable experience because I’d been in their orbit before.

I’d photographed her stylist, Nyla, previously, and as it would turn out, I’d end up immersed in the world of this beautiful cadre of friends, who are in various performance groups, bands, and general entertainers.

So when Shannon lovingly described their upcoming nuptials as a “70s Muppet Druid wedding”, I knew I was in for the best kind of celebration.

Just the sound of it sends sparks flying in all directions, doesn’t it? And let me tell you, it was every bit as enchanting and whimsical as it sounds, which was fitting for a couple who met through the Baltimore Rock Opera Society.

So, let’s talk about the venue. The couple chose the iconic 2640 Space, a gem hidden in the heart of Baltimore’s Charles Village. This place isn’t your average wedding venue—it’s bursting with history, character, and spirit. Originally a grand, old church, the 2640 Space has been transformed into an event space that refuses to be ordinary. Its stunning tall ceilings, grand stained glass windows radiating with kaleidoscopic colors, and beautifully worn, antique hardwood floors set the stage for a wedding that was everything but conventional.

This place is a character unto itself, much like our adventurous couple, with each nook and cranny echoing tales of wild nights and unforgettable events. Much like Shannon and John’s love, the 2640 Space is a testament to tradition and transformation, standing as a beacon of creativity and individuality. And for this 70s Muppet Druid wedding, it was nothing short of perfect.

Add to that that their wedding was set on Jim Henson’s birthday—a fact that was not a coincidence, but a carefully chosen detail, underscores the couples’ artistic spirit and love for the fantastical.

They brought a new definition of ‘custom wedding’ to the table. It was a grand feast of color, laughter, and friendship, and I was only sad that there weren’t any pickles—because Shannon, as she calmly informed me, makes really good pickles. I love her.

From the moment I arrived, I was greeted by a heady mix of excitement and anticipation. The wedding felt like a gathering of friends, a celebration of love in its truest sense. I was thrilled to see familiar faces, people I had photographed in different settings, now here to celebrate this unique union.

Every aspect of this day had Shannon and John’s fingerprints on it. From face painting and hula-hoop corners, to crazy straws and kermit, the whole atmosphere echoed their carefully thought-out approach toward this monumental day. It was not just about documenting ‘the perfect day’ but rather THEIR lives filled with the people they love, their quirks, their passion, and their shared love for all things out of the ordinary.

Like a wildly colorful blot on a white canvas, these are the weddings that reaffirm why I love what I do, why I picked up a camera in the first place.

This wasn’t about staged smiles or forced perfection. It was about authenticity, love, and a little bit of muppet madness. And with that, folks, I leave you with the magic of Shannon’s 70s Muppet Druid wedding. Enjoy!

Thank you to the vendor team!

Venue: 2640 Space

Photo: Devon Rowland Photography

Wedding Coordinator: Aran Keating

Catering: Blacksauce Kitchen

Cake: Charm City Cakes

Bar: Edan Perrigo

Entertainment: Patrick McMinn

Hair and Makeup: Sara Ritmiller

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